I had made plans to play golf in Moab but unfortunately I ran into some trouble with my rental vehicle, in this
case, accidentally backing into a deep ditch.  I had made a wrong turn as I got in close proximity to the
course and ended up driving up some dirt road.  I decided to stop and take few photos, then got back in to
turn around and in so doing, backed into the ditch.  I got a towing service to pull the truck out and it was then
I fully surveyed the damage, I completely severed the drivelines to the rear wheels, but luckily this truck had
4wd and I was able to engage the front wheels to get myself back to the hotel.  I had thought about staying
and playing the course but being it was a two hour drive from Grand Junction to the course and I had no
other choice but to leave if I was to check out of the hotel by 1pm.  On the way back I took the scenic byway
back to I-70 and took some nice pics of the canyon and surrounding terrain.   
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